February 3, 2022

[Infographic] New Opportunities for EdTech Companies

Navigating the Dawn of EdTechKnowledgy Until recently, edtech (and all that comes with it)—devices, teacher training, student connectivity, digital literacy,…

Liz Meyer
Education marketing action alert
September 19, 2017

Education Marketing Action Alert: School Funding Update

A Senate Committee has approved money for programs President Trump wants to cut. The News U.S. senators in charge of…

Charlene Blohm
September 5, 2017

Dollars and Sense: Stay Informed on Edu Policy

Whether you’re ready to take action for education programming or want to be prepared for funding conversations with customers, tapping…

Charlene Blohm
August 17, 2017

Dollars and Sense: Your Advocacy Guide to Education Funding

The one constant in the education market, is change. Policy and practices are always evolving, and changes in the federal…

Charlene Blohm
June 29, 2017

#ISTE17 News Recap

As the top education PR agency, we gathered with top ed tech companies this week at ISTE 2017 and announced…

Lauren West
Drive traffic to your booth with these education marketing tips
June 20, 2017

3 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Booth at ISTE

It’s the three days we’ve been waiting for – all the meetings held, catering orders placed and flights booked have…

Charlene Blohm
CB&A is an education pr agency.
June 2, 2017

Don’t Be Listless at the Grocery Store – or ISTE

When I go grocery shopping without a list, it’s a mess. My cart fills up with things like Doritos, and…

Saul Hafenbredl
April 7, 2017

Being Authentic In Autism Awareness Month

Now, more than ever, people are realizing the importance of understanding autism. From 2000 to 2013, the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder…

Charlene Blohm
January 12, 2017

ATIA 2017: Inspire Innovation

Our first education PR conference of the year will be a gathering of the world’s leading assistive technology professionals at the annual…

Aaron Krish
May 25, 2016

Personalized Learning Tools: Friend or Foe?

Will personalized learning software make teachers less central to instruction and lesson planning? That seems to be the fear among…

Quinn Buchanan