Education Marketing Action Alert: School Funding Update

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Education marketing action alert

Education marketing action alert

A Senate Committee has approved money for programs President Trump wants to cut.

The News

U.S. senators in charge of education spending have approved a budget for FY18 that would preserve funding for key programs the Trump administration wants to cut.

The Senate’s budget would fully fund the $2 billion Title II program supporting teacher training, as well the $1.2 billion 21st Century Community Learning Centers program for after-school initiatives. President Trump wants to eliminate both programs; the House budget would eliminate Title II and cut $200 million from after-school programs.

The Senate bill also calls for a $25 million boost in Title I funding for low-income students. President Trump proposed a $400 million cut to Title I, while the House bill would level-fund the program.

What It Means

The Senate bill received bipartisan support from the Senate Appropriations Committee and now goes to the full Senate for a vote. Because the House version differs on these and other important details, a conference committee most likely will have to iron out the differences.

Your Opportunities

With the ongoing uncertainty over the FY18 federal budget, K-12 district leaders may be feeling anxious about how much they’ll have to spend next year. Here are three ways to ease this anxiety:

  • Emphasize project stability. K-12 leaders are looking for partners they can rely on through challenging times. Demonstrate your support by collaborating to find creative solutions to their funding challenges.
  • Keep your customers informed. Highlight relevant budget developments in your blog posts, emails and newsletters. Draw their attention to available funding sources through case studies and other related content.
  • Make your voice heard. As the FY18 budget process nears resolution, contact your members of Congress—and encourage your customers to do the same—to tell them how critical federal education funding is for our students’ future. Check out these guidelines on how to promote advocacy among your employees and customers.

We can help you develop a successful marketing strategy to respond to the latest budget developments in Congress. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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