Education Marketing Services

Leverage the education marketing services of CB&A to generate awareness and new leads. 

Education Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

An education marketing strategy is vital to your business. Maybe you need to adopt HubSpot or a similar platform to simplify and automate your marketing activities. It could be an email marketing campaign to drive new sales, or perhaps an influencer marketing campaign that brings attention through a new platform. We develop, execute and report on an edtech marketing strategy tailored to your business that will drive, nurture and convert leads into sales.

Streamline with Marketing Automation

Whether it’s HubSpot (we are a partner agency) or another marketing automation platform, we work with your team throughout the process: from onboarding, to developing automated strategies to optimizing your marketing plan. We collaborate with you to select the right platform and facilitate the onboarding process so your team can master its tools quickly to drive new business.

Marketing automation platforms enable you to:

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CatchOn leveraged CB&A's social media strategy for their Education Conference social media campaign

Email Marketing for Education

When it comes time to transform a prospect into a customer, email marketing remains a key component of any marketing plan. Your email list connects your organization directly to potential customers. Email marketing offers the ability to provide multiple touch points with prospects throughout the sales funnel to convert them into customers.

Email marketing projects we can support your team with:

  • Implement HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • Consult and optimize your current email process
  • Provide opt-in email support

Influencer Marketing for Education

The gatekeepers between your organization and your target audience are changing. Influencer marketing has grown over the years to mean more than just people with large followings sharing a post with #ad at the end. Education influencers and ambassadors connect your brand to the online conversation in a way that drives awareness and new leads.

Partner with social media influencers who have engaged followings on:

  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Personal podcasts or YouTube channels
  • Focused blogs within your niche
Dremel's ambassador program inspired new content assets for STEM education with 3D printing
Education Design Lab, a non-profit education company, launched a badging program through an integrated marketing campaign

Tailored Campaign Measurement

Understanding the business value of marketing is the most challenging and important aspect of our work together. CB&A will collaborate with you to measure and evaluate campaign results, including outputs, outcomes and business results. We will provide quarterly KPI reports tailored to your campaign goals that demonstrate how your integrated marketing campaign impacted your bottom line.

Among the 46 monthly metrics we track are:

  • Impressions and reach
  • Clicks and submissions
  • Backlinks and referral traffic
  • Leads generated


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