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Dollars and Sense: Stay Informed on Edu Policy

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How to stay informed on education policy news for education PR professionals.Whether you’re ready to take action for education programming or want to be prepared for funding conversations with customers, tapping into the latest education policy trends will increase your confidence. There are a lot of resources to sort through to find the most relevant updates to inform your education PR campaigns.

For the third installment of our “Dollars and Sense” series, we have compiled a quick guide for keeping current on education policy in education PR. If you missed the initial part of the series, be sure to read posts one and two of the posts on the Policy and a Chaser ISTE event, hosted by CB&A and the Winter Group.

To build a comprehensive list of resources on education policy, follow these guidelines to discover the informational tools that best suit you.

Subscribe to Newsletters Focused on Education Policy

The thought of adding more newsletters to your email mix might be overwhelming, but for the right missives, it’s worth it. Start small with a couple of weekly or daily relevant newsletters and build a reading list as you go.

Here is a short list of education-focused newsletters that frequently include policy updates to better inform your education PR strategies:

In addition to sharing regular alerts on education policy news, these newsletters often highlight other helpful resources, such as webinars and white papers. For example, you can watch a recent webinar from Education Week titled “The State of K-12 Budgets” by clicking here. 

Follow Top Edu Policy Influencers on Social Media

While there may be some repetition across alerts from newsletters and social media accounts, platforms like Twitter and Facebook enable you to easily monitor and participate in education policy conversations. The comment threads that accompany blog posts also provide expanded context for news of interest.

To inaugurate your Twitter list of education policy influencers, here’s the top 10 organizations and individuals based on relevance and followers.

As a benefit of following these influencers, you will discover new edu policy discussions to add to your list.

Check out CB&A’s content channels

The CB&A’s education PR team is attuned to the latest in education news, and regularly shares policy updates on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Explore the list of Twitter users we follow to inspire additional sources of education policy information.

As you track the ongoing changes in the education landscape, you will be better equipped to respond and adapt to customer needs. And with a funnel of policy news coming your way, you will be well positioned to become an advocate for educators.

For more ideas on how to stay informed about education policy and how it can inform your education PR strategies, email us at hello@cblohm.com.