Education Content Marketing

Develop an education content marketing strategy to increase website traffic, generate leads and drive them through the sales pipeline.

Your Content Marketing Journey Starts Here

High-quality content is at the heart of your marketing strategy. Our business to education (B2E) content marketing is carefully integrated with all your marketing efforts to move qualified leads down the funnel and increase loyalty among existing clients. From short-form assets (blogs, emails, social posts) to in-depth long-form pieces (case studies, ebooks, white papers), we ensure your education content marketing always resonates with readers and supports your strategic aims.

Content Strategy and Development with Impeccable Timing

Whether you have an abundance of content or you’re starting from scratch, you need a strategic promotion and distribution plan for your content to reach its full potential. Our decades of experience curating K-12 and higher ed content marketing means your messaging will resonate with the right personas at exactly the right time in the school buying cycle. We provide your team with:

  • A detailed plan to execute your content strategy
  • A map of content assets that align with the education buying cycle
  • An integrated campaign strategy that seamlessly coordinates all your marketing efforts

Content Promotion that Meets Your Personas Where They Are

The way your personas engage with social media is constantly changing. But we keep up. We’ll craft an effective strategy and targeting parameters, and write ad copy that stops your prospects mid-scroll. We’ll also connect you with education marketing influencers who are key to brand-building in education.

Our email marketing adapts to where your prospect is in the marketing funnel, delivering hyper-relevant content to their inboxes. By the time your prospects are ready to engage, they’ll have seen all the content necessary to warrant a sales conversation.

Sales Enablement Tailored to Your Team’s Challenges

You’ve experienced it before: an ongoing conversation with potential high-value contracts suddenly goes radio silent. For situations like these, you need education content marketing strategies that push you past the impasse. 

We re-energize the sales conversation with strategies that transition your prospects from awareness to engagement. Need a bespoke case study to appeal to a specific district? We got you. Not sure when to re-engage a prospect? We can help. At the heart of our service lies a seasoned understanding of your sales team’s unique challenges.

We continuously engage with them to understand areas where they’re facing resistance or feeling inadequately supported. Then we fill in the gaps with specific strategies and compelling content to help them close the deal.

Case Study


World's Largest K-12 Reading Survey Sheds Light on Literacy in the U.S.


Design and execute a media relations campaign to secure prominent news media coverage, drive traffic to the Renaissance website and increase downloads of the annual What Kids Are Reading (WKAR) report.


Through careful research of niche media audiences and a clearly defined and strategic plan, CB&A nearly tripled the news media coverage from the previous year, increased traffic to the Renaissance website and achieved a record-setting number of downloads of the WKAR report.

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Case Study


Trusted K-12 social-learning environment increases brand awareness in the U.S. education market through original research.


Edsby, a K–12 social-learning environment, partnered with CB&A to increase brand awareness and attract leads in the U.S. education market.


CB&A collaborated with Edsby to develop the “Grade Your LMS” report, shining a light on educator dissatisfaction with commonplace LMS providers while qualifying respondents as appropriate leads for the sales team.

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