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Map Out Your EdTech PR Plan with CB&A

A modern education public relations strategy features smart media relations outreach, contributed articles, news announcements, thought leadership, reputation management and more. With decades of media relations experience, we can put your company in front of the leading edtech journalists, bloggers and influencers. We guide your organization through every step of the process with a detailed PR strategy that improves brand awareness, elevates thought leadership and drives new leads to grow your market share.

Positive Media Coverage

We have spent nearly three decades developing lasting and meaningful connections with trade and consumer journalists who care about education. You want to get your message in front of educators, administrators and decision makers to raise awareness and influence business results. Our long-standing relationships and media relations vigor have you covered. We can support your team with:

Thought Leadership

With everyone sharing their opinions about the direction of the market, the edtech community can feel crowded and chaotic. That makes it difficult for true thought leaders to stand out. We can work with your executives to devise a thought leadership strategy that highlights your company’s unique point of view and expertise:

Controlling the Narrative: Crisis Communications

When a crisis strikes, you need a reliable, experienced partner who has previously navigated reputation management scenarios. We are here to guide your organization and company leadership through the direst of straits. We will strategize with you on how to respond to crises effectively and measure sentiment from the resulting news coverage to prepare a plan for re-shaping perceptions. To assist your team with reputation management, we can:

  • Consult on your response strategy 
  • Conduct media training
  • Prepare talking points 
  • Draft internal messaging
  • Guide you through media interviews

Measuring EdTech PR Success

Thanks to new communication technologies, digital PR campaigns are tied directly to measurable business results. We compile key performance indicators and reports that include data from media intelligence platforms and analytics tools to demonstrate the ROI behind your PR campaigns. Depending on your goals, we measure more than 46 KPIs each month. Some common measurements include: 

  • Impressions
  • Sentiment 
  • Share of voice 
  • SEO impact
  • Social amplification
  • Backlinks
  • Referral Traffic


6 Ways PR Improves Your Bottom Line by CB&A for Education

6 Ways to Add Business Value with Education PR

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Journalism has undergone a seismic shift in the past decade. With a variety of media for individuals to voice their opinion, virtually everyone has the power to publish their story. This may seem a detriment to the foundations of traditional public relations, but the opposite is true. In 2020, education PR is as prevalent as ever. Not in spite of the digital advancements, rather because of them. The COVID-19 pandemic presents another disruption to media outlets and publishers, where reporting must pivot with the national conversation to stay relevant. Yet the role of education media coverage remains as important as ever. Education reporters help communities understand school closures (and eventually, openings), plans to implement remote learning – and above all – how at-risk student populations will receive health care and meal services while off campus. For all this turbulence, education PR prevails, and there’s reason to be optimistic. A recent analysis predicts that PR and communication services will report an uptick as brands seek to manage crises and communicate critical news to the public. And brands are more exposed than ever before; consumers are more watchful. The ability to influence your target market is a incisive tool for PR experts, and the increase of new communication media has only sharpened your blade. Additionally, with the rise of brand transparency, reputation remains a top-level concern. According to our 2020 Education Marketing Trends Report, in an attempt to enhance reputation, 9 out of 10 education marketers are sustaining or ramping up thought leadership efforts this year. Whether you're trying to win entire regions or catch the attention of targeted superintendents in an account-based strategy, the need for education PR is everywhere. Here are six ways to add value by leveraging the power of PR: 1. Leaving a Digital Impact with Education PR While PR has a reputation of being tricky to measure, new tools have allowed marketers to make significant progress in solidifying the traditionally dotted line between PR and revenue. PR programs accelerate your progress toward achieving your education business goals when executed strategically and measured thoughtfully. With this abundance of…
Four Public Relations Trends for the New Decade

4 Public Relations Trends for 2020

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The Public Relations Trends, They are a Changin’ As we kick off 2020, there’s no question that people have evolving media consumption habits and needs — including reading the news. Pew Research Center released information showing the number of Americans who view news online and on social media is growing, and employment in digital newsrooms increased 82 percent from 2008 to 2018. In the past few years alone, skepticism toward news has spiked. While some consumers scrutinize news outlets for accuracy in reporting and overall legitimacy, others are more prone to accept anything labeled “news” as the gospel truth. So, what can PR teams do, and what public relations trends will matter most in 2020? This era of news consumption is uncharted territory. For public relations teams to be effective, we must adjust our strategies to reflect the changing public relations trends. Be Accurate In 2020, PR will continue to be under scrutiny for its proximity to “fake news.” The Reuters 2019 Digital News Report found that 67 percent of Americans are concerned about misinformation on the internet, finding it hard to separate fact from fiction. Furthermore, half of Americans say they changed how they use social media in response to the proliferation of fake news. This is a pivotal issue for audiences, as half of those who get their news from social media also unfollow news sources they think post inaccurate or false news. The best thing media professionals can do is to demand accuracy in news writing, reporting and sharing. As public relations trends go, this should top everyone’s list. When in Doubt, Data It Out Augment your main message with verified data and incontrovertible facts, turning to outside organizations and recognized experts to build credibility. Research and content produced by experienced education professionals and experts will resonate with skeptical audiences and inspire their trust. Find a Shoulder to Lean On If a citation doesn’t exist, find a third-party expert who will back you up. In education communication, this could be an investigative journalist experienced in writing about edtech products and services, a district- or school-level customer who uses…
Edtech Crisis Management by CB&A

Edtech Crisis Management: Safeguarding Student Data

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Crisis Management Starts with Preparation In the first six months of 2019, more than 3,800 data breaches were reported in the United States, with eight major breaches exposing more than 3.2 billion records - enough to send your crisis management team into a cold sweat. Even more concerning, since regulators don’t require companies in most industries to publicly report a breach, they aren’t always reported. In fact, an estimated 65 percent of all breaches in the United States have gone unreported this year. The numbers are frightening, especially when you consider the people associated with the data. In the education market, that may mean students. Putting a cybersecurity protocol in place is essential. Student data privacy is a priority for administrators, teachers, students and families. While edtech vendors are not required to prepare schools for cyber threats, they should do their due diligence by leading with safe practices. As education vendors, we know you’re also handling an ever-increasing volume of student data on behalf of school districts. While school districts are working to keep themselves safe from cyberattacks, vendors also need to establish protocols to ensure they are not vulnerable. If you were to get hacked, your student data could become accessible, and that’s when the lawyers get called. According to Paul Hager, President and CEO at Information Technology Professionals (ITP), cybersecurity starts at the top. “The leadership team cannot be afraid; they must set the tone by being educated and proactive.” When talking about student data, every edtech company can benefit from a proactive cybersecurity strategy. By taking preventative measures and involving every member of your team in your security plan, you’ll show customers that protecting their data is a top priority. Create a Culture of Security To understand how edtech companies can better equip themselves to face a security crisis and public fallout, we sat down with Lauren Reid, director of marketing in forensics at Gillware, a data recovery and digital forensics firm. The first piece of wisdom Reid shared was simple: ransomware is the single largest threat to businesses of all sizes in all industries. Malicious actors…
journalism advocacy

Journalism Advocacy: 5 Ways to Support Journalists

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Competing for oxygen in the education atmosphere may seem like rocket science, but it’s not. To make the best possible first impression in the marketplace, you just need a targeted PR product launch strategy that positions your product as a win for education.
Public Relations Crisis Strategy Planning

How to Build a Winning Public Relations Crisis Strategy

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Competing for oxygen in the education atmosphere may seem like rocket science, but it’s not. To make the best possible first impression in the marketplace, you just need a targeted PR product launch strategy that positions your product as a win for education.
Product Launch Strategy Meeting

A Down-to-Earth PR Strategy for an Out-of-This-World Product Launch Strategy

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Competing for oxygen in the education atmosphere may seem like rocket science, but it’s not. To make the best possible first impression in the marketplace, you just need a targeted PR product launch strategy that positions your product as a win for education.