Education PR Services

Launch a public relations campaign to raise brand awareness and increase your share of voice in education.

Map Out Your EdTech PR Plan with CB&A

A modern education public relations strategy features smart media relations outreach, contributed articles, news announcements, thought leadership, reputation management and more. With decades of media relations experience, we can put your company in front of the leading edtech journalists, bloggers and influencers. We guide your organization through every step of the process with a detailed PR strategy that improves brand awareness, elevates thought leadership and drives new leads to grow your market share.

Positive Media Coverage

We have spent nearly three decades developing lasting and meaningful connections with trade and consumer journalists who care about education. You want to get your message in front of educators, administrators and decision makers to raise awareness and influence business results. Our long-standing relationships and media relations vigor have you covered. We can support your team with:

Thought Leadership

With everyone sharing their opinions about the direction of the market, the edtech community can feel crowded and chaotic. That makes it difficult for true thought leaders to stand out. We can work with your executives to devise a thought leadership strategy that highlights your company’s unique point of view and expertise:

Controlling the Narrative: Crisis Communications

When a crisis strikes, you need a reliable, experienced partner who has previously navigated reputation management scenarios. We are here to guide your organization and company leadership through the direst of straits. We will strategize with you on how to respond to crises effectively and measure sentiment from the resulting news coverage to prepare a plan for re-shaping perceptions. To assist your team with reputation management, we can:

  • Consult on your response strategy 
  • Conduct media training
  • Prepare talking points 
  • Draft internal messaging
  • Guide you through media interviews

Measuring EdTech PR Success

Thanks to new communication technologies, digital PR campaigns are tied directly to measurable business results. We compile key performance indicators and reports that include data from media intelligence platforms and analytics tools to demonstrate the ROI behind your PR campaigns. Depending on your goals, we measure more than 46 KPIs each month. Some common measurements include: 

  • Impressions
  • Sentiment 
  • Share of voice 
  • SEO impact
  • Social amplification
  • Backlinks
  • Referral Traffic


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