30 Years of Education Marketing

With 30+ years in education marketing & PR, we’ve earned the right to be confident we can positively impact your education company’s future. Because as the world of education changes, so do we.


Fulfill Your Brand’s Mission

Our time-tested, adaptive approach helps you meet your marketing objectives so you can ultimately fulfill your brand’s mission to improve the lives of students and educators.

Education Marketing Strategy

We hone in on the positioning and messaging that amplify your value proposition and competitive advantage to educators, administrators, and investors.

Education Public Relations

To market your mission, you need your community’s trust. We have the PR connections to build awareness and positive sentiment, securing your position as an education industry leader.

Education Content Marketing

We create short and long-form content with strategic plans for promotion and distribution to your target audience. 

Case Studies


Targeted PR campaigns across three states highlight educator advancement programs and increase new educator enrollments.


BloomBoard partnered with CB&A to increase awareness and drive participation in the company’s micro-credential-based programs in Kentucky, Illinois and Oklahoma.


Through three state-specific PR campaigns, CB&A secured local coverage in Kentucky, Illinois and Oklahoma about BloomBoard’s micro-credential-based programs—significantly increasing new educator enrollments in each state.

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Will You Make the Post-ESSER Cut?

Don’t lose all those hard-won customers you’ve secured in the ESSER era!

With the final ESSER deadline approaching, K–12 companies need to position themselves as indispensable school and district partners to secure renewals in a more challenging funding landscape.

In this CB&A Expert Series event, Noelle Ellerson Ng, associate executive director, advocacy & governance at AASA, joins CB&A Content Director Jeremy Cesarec to discuss:

  • Findings and insights from the latest AASA member survey: Learn how superintendents plan to make tough budgeting decisions.
  • Historical precedents for the end of ESSER: Glean insights from similar past events.
  • Practical and essential approaches to ensure your success: How you — an education marketing or sales lead — can proactively gain customers’ trust, loyalty and renewal.
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2023 Education Marketing Trends & Insights

With the peak of COVID disruptions behind us, K–12 and higher education leaders are adapting to the new normal, and opportunities abound for savvy education marketers to drive leads and sales.

Download the full report for answers to these important questions:

  • Attending conferences in 2023
  • Revenue and marketing budget projections
  • The role of content marketing in the sales funnel
  • COVID learnings that continue to persist
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