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#ISTE17 News Recap

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News highlights recap by the leading education pr agency from ISTE 2017.As the top education PR agency, we gathered with top ed tech companies this week at ISTE 2017 and announced the latest product releases, partnerships, research and more. To keep you updated, we’ve compiled a recap of the top news from San Antonio:

CatchOn Becomes First Tool to Provide Usage Data from Every Device and Operating System Used by Schools

With so many new apps digital resources and subscriptions to manage, it’s difficult for district administrators to evaluate which technologies are actually used. To address this challenge, CatchOn releases its iOS solution, making it the first tool that allows administrators to see 100 percent of activity on all their devices at their schools.

Califone Unveils CD360 for Improved Classroom Listening Activities

When implementing educational models such as 1:1 instruction, tried and true technology often supports teachers’ transitions into new classroom practices. Califone introduces the CD360 for improved functionality in a range of classroom listening activities. The CD player is designed to meet classroom durability and safety needs.

CodeMonkey Launches Game Builder Platform to Empower Students to Become Digital Creators

CodeMonkey introduced Game Builder, a programming platform that progresses students from coding challenges to building and designing their own online games. Game Builder puts a creative spin on classic video games to assist in concept development for students as they explore possibilities in “freestyle” computer programming.

Dremel Partners with Workbench to Connect Maker Community, Inspire Project Sharing

As educators gather at the national ISTE conference to discover and share new ways to teach and learn, Dremel announces its partnership with Workbench, the comprehensive sharing platform for project-based learning. Dremel is the only 3D printing provider to introduce its user community to the Workbench platform.

Funds For Learning Reveals Initial Insights to E-rate Program Impact

Funds For Learning, the leading E-rate experts, recently conducted its annual, nationwide survey to get feedback from applicants on the E-rate program. Amidst recent political and FCC changes, the survey found that 87 percent of respondents said the E-rate program remains a vital resource for their schools and libraries.

Growth in Industry-Backed Certifications Signals Future of CTE

Career and Technical Education (CTE) continues to adapt to provide students with the skills necessary to enter the modern workforce. To highlight the role industry-backed certifications will play in the future of CTE, CEV Multimedia announces that students have earned more than 5,000 industry-backed certifications through its online learning platform in the 2016-17 school year.

Hoonuit Calls for Educators to Become a Learning Ambassador

Hoonuit, a comprehensive suite of data analytics and professional development tools, has invited esteemed educators to join its Learning Ambassador program. Participants will have access to a community of connected educators and be recognized for their efforts to support learners. The program provides ambassadors with the chance to broaden their knowledge and reach in the larger education community.

Pai Technology Introduces Coding Robot at ISTE 2017

To use the power of augmented reality in STEAM instruction, Pai Technology, announce the debut of Augie, a robot that combines augmented reality and coding, at ISTE. With Augie, students learn how to write programming sequences and gain technology skills that will ultimately broaden their sense of wonder.

Renaissance Delivers Personalized Learning at Scale with Launch of Renaissance Flow 360 and the Renaissance Growth Alliance

In order to make assessment-driven personalized learning a scalable approach for all classrooms, Renaissance is launching Renaissance Flow 360 at ISTE 2017. The new solution will connect assessment, instruction and practice in one place to drive student growth and save educators time. Renaissance Flow 360 is supported by the Renaissance Growth Alliance, an open ecosystem of K-12 partner content from the industry’s leading technology companies.

School Specialty Introduces the 21st Century Safe School Concept

With technologies such as 3D printers and virtual reality making their way into today’s classrooms, educators have to address new needs in their classroom environments. At the ISTE conference, School Specialty will share how education leaders can build 21st century safe schools with their holistic set of classroom environment offerings.

Skyward’s SIS & ERP Solutions Help Districts Improve Branding Efforts

As school choice becomes increasingly prevalent, many districts are focusing their efforts on school marketing and branding initiatives. Skyward, a leading K-12 administrative provider, supports schools as they position themselves in a competitive market with its ability to provide coherent messaging and branding through its SIS and ERP.

Smoothwall Announces Cloud Filtering for Chrome, an Off-site Filtering Tool

A student’s need to access the internet for their learning no longer stops when the school day ends. To ensure that students are safe when using school-issued devices outside of school, Smoothwall announces the Cloud Filter for Chrome offering. The cloud-based, remote filtering tool allows districts to utilize customizable level of URL filtering and was developed from feedback of districts across the country.

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