Using public relations tips when working with the national media.
October 10, 2018

Go Big or Go Home: Working with National Media

You’ve struck gold. One of your organization’s products, people or initiatives grabbed the attention of a national media outlet. It’s a fleeting opportunity to convey your message to an audience of millions. After the initial excitement fades, reality sets in: There’s a lot of work to do.

Saul Hafenbredl
March 27, 2018

Follow the News for Timely Education Marketing Content

Creating content that attracts an engaged audience is tricky enough. Holding an audience’s attention is even more difficult. One often…

Saul Hafenbredl
January 30, 2018

Add Value to Your Brand with Native Advertising

Education marketers have more advertising options than ever. Consequently, educators are deluged with brand messages every day. Emails, sponsored social…

Saul Hafenbredl
October 31, 2017

We Turned Down a Monthly Column. Here’s Why.

Forbes Media recruited us to join its Agency Council. Ethical concerns guided our decision to decline. The offer    According…

Saul Hafenbredl
October 19, 2017

5 Ways PR Improves Your Bottom Line

While PR has the reputation of being tricky to measure, marketers have made significant progress in solidifying the traditionally dotted…

Saul Hafenbredl
September 12, 2017

Four Ingredients for Your Next Education Marketing Campaign

All business owners are seeking the “secret recipe” for an education marketing campaign that grows their business. You want people…

Saul Hafenbredl
CB&A is an education pr agency.
June 2, 2017

Don’t Be Listless at the Grocery Store – or ISTE

When I go grocery shopping without a list, it’s a mess. My cart fills up with things like Doritos, and…

Saul Hafenbredl
March 16, 2017

PR Spotlight: A Conference Guide for Busy Professionals

While conferences can be great for your company and your professional development, they can do a number on your stress…

Saul Hafenbredl
November 3, 2016

EDUCAUSE 2016 Seeks to Bridge IT and Academics

A quiet tension prevails at our colleges and universities. Sometimes it’s perceptible in the murmurs that echo down corridors and…

Saul Hafenbredl
July 27, 2016

Another Trip to Barcelona

Six years ago, PR practitioners from more than 30 countries convened in Barcelona, Spain to establish a new set of best practices for measuring the efficacy of PR campaigns, the Barcelona Principles. Recently, several industry groups reviewed the principles and updated them, producing Barcelona 2.0.

Saul Hafenbredl