Learn how to leverage social media advertising in 2019.
February 26, 2019

Four Ways to Leverage Social Media Advertising in 2019

  Changes to social media algorithms, more time spent on mobile and digital platforms, and advanced targeting capabilities have moved…

Steven Miller
June 15, 2016

Awareness Through Hashtags

Social media deployment is an important part of any ed-tech marketing plan. Social media marketing requires that you be aware of what is going on in the social sphere, and watching popular and trending hashtags is an easy way to stay current. Hashtags also offer potent networking opportunities that enable you to engage with other hashtag users.

Lydia Jerabek
May 13, 2014

World’s Largest Webinar: Social Media Secrets For Your Business

Whether it’s algorithms, appearance or something else, social media is always changing. This makes cracking their codes difficult, especially for startups or businesses looking to increase followers. Dedicated to success on social media, CB&A recently gathered to attend the World’s Largest Webinar (#WLW14) hosted by HubSpot to procure social media secrets from the experts themselves. Featuring speakers from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the webinar provided key takeaways.

Charlene Blohm
CB&A is an education pr agency.
January 11, 2013

Facebook Still King Among Social Networking Educators

As the popularity of social media exploded in the past decade, a variety of tools surfaced allowing educators to communicate…

Adam Wise
October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the CB&A Team!

Here in Wisconsin, the leaves have changed, and there is a definite chill in the air as we enjoy a…

Martha Jacobs
January 27, 2012

Thumbs Up for Likable Social Media

Studies consistently verify a fundamental truth about buyer behavior: a friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. In the…

Lili Beck
January 5, 2011

Paper.li: Read Twitter and Facebook as a Daily Newspaper

Paper.li is a Swiss website that presents Twitter- and Facebook-linked content in an easy-to-read, newspaper-style format. Once a day, Paper.li…

Patrick Terry
August 16, 2010

Ten Core Elements of Facebook Marketing Success

Just behind Google, Facebook is the most trafficked website in the world, according to Alexa.com. With such powerful appeal, it’s…

Brittany Dorfner
November 17, 2009

Educators’ Use of Social Networking and Content-Sharing Tools

  We had the opportunity to participate in a Webinar hosted by MMS Education, edWeb.net and MCH, Inc. on Nov….

Sandy Fash
September 2, 2009

How To: Build Your Brand Using Social Media

Recently, I sat in on the “Social Media for Business” conference call with Peter Shankman (@skydiver), founder of Help A…

Brittany Dorfner