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Awareness Through Hashtags

By June 15, 2016January 27th, 2023No Comments

Social media deployment is an important part of any ed-tech marketing plan. Social media marketing requires that you be aware of what is going on in the social sphere, and watching popular and trending hashtags is an easy way to stay current.

Hashtags are potent networking opportunities to incorporate your brand’s relevant content into online conversations, and to engage with other hashtag users. Any word can be turned into a hashtag, so it is important to focus on keywords in your niche area. Here are examples of movements on Twitter that spotlight ed-tech themes:

  • #sayDyslexia was started September 2015 by parents of children with dyslexia to raise awareness, pass state-based legislation, and improve services for students. Posts that use #sayDyslexia, incorporate a mix of content around teachers resources, legislation updates, and information about Dyslexia.
  • #FutureReady started to build on the momentum of the President’s ConnectED Initiative with the launch of the Future Ready Pledge. Superintendents who sign the pledge commit to fostering and leading a culture of digital learning in their district and sharing with other districts. #FutureReady represents a specific movement, but has a broad range of topics that can be included. This hashtag is a perfect example of an avenue to share your brand’s content, and to inform customers and future customers how you are helping the movement.
  • #CoSN16 was created for the Consortium for School Networking’s most recent conference. It demonstrates how powerful hashtags are in event promotion, both for attendees, and for those not able to attend, but who want to engage in the conversation.

As an education marketer, it is vital to find and use hashtags such as these. They enable you to join discussions on outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and stay up-to-date with important topics and conversations in your niche area.

To get involved, determine keywords based on your products, services or resources and explore the hashtags around those themes. Select the ones most appropriate for your brand and incorporate them into your content.

Referencing pertinent hashtags will allow you to join the conversation, and reach teachers, administrators and students passionate about the cause. As time passes, your brand can become a thought leader and increase awareness among your targeted audiences.

Now that you have a better idea of hashtag movements, utilize the visibility.