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Ten Core Elements of Facebook Marketing Success

By August 16, 2010October 16th, 2017No Comments

Just behind Google, Facebook is the most trafficked website in the world, according to Alexa.com. With such powerful appeal, it’s important to consider Facebook in overall marketing plans. Facebook can be used to leverage and build upon your existing customer relationships through engaging content. Creating a Facebook page will expose your organization to fans’ networks, garnering more visibility and potentially new business.

During a recent webinar hosted by Mike Stelzner and Mari Smith, they shared nine case study examples of organizations with engaging Facebook pages.  Taken from those case studies, here are 10 core elements of successful Facebook pages.

1.     Create a strategy for your brand – By creating a strategy before building your page, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on the message you want to share, and how you’ll engage fans.

2.     Create a custom tab to highlight products or services – Have you recently launched a new product or added a service to your business? Give your fans the most important details by creating a custom tab with specific information about the new product/service. Additionally, consider using this tab as your landing page so fans are immediately directed to it.

3.     Ask fun, interesting questions to get fans talking – A Facebook page is a great way for your fans to see the “human face” behind your organization. Vary your questions between those that are company-focused and those that ask simple questions like, “What are your plans for the holiday weekend?”

4.     Don’t just create a page, make it an experience – Fans won’t stay for long if you don’t provide interesting, engaging content. Make it easy for them to get involved.

5.     Make it fun to keep fans coming back – Ask them to share success stories, or invite them to share photos using your product/service. Use those submissions to spotlight a new fan each week, or create a fun contest to generate buzz.

6.     Add value – Don’t fill your page with updates solely about your product/service. Add tips on how to use it, or information on industry trends and updates.

7.     Use video to make it interactive – A well-designed page with embedded video is extremely inviting to fans. Video not only enhances the visual elements on your page, but also helps to encourage fans to look around, coaxing them to spend more time on your page.

8.     Take risks – Don’t spend all your time talking about your product/service – get a little personal. Ask questions that will spark chatter from and among your fans.

9.     Spread passion about your brand or industry – Use your Facebook page as a platform to ignite excitement by sharing examples of great things being done in your industry, or interesting ways your product/service is being used.

10. Publish great content – Above all, valuable content is key to build a loyal following. Continue to grow your community by sharing helpful information that keeps fans coming back for more.

If you’ve created a Facebook page, have you already employed some of these tips? Would you add others to the list?