September 1, 2016

Rebecca Lieb Quote 2

Danny Paulmeyer
August 24, 2016

The Late Blohmers Season Recap

Between the hours of 6-10 p.m. on Mondays, the Coliseum (Bar) wasn’t filled with gladiators or chariots, but with co-workers,…

Danny Paulmeyer
July 12, 2016

The Late Blohmers Scouting Report

Eight weeks ago, we embarked on our inaugural season in one of Madison’s most prestigious recreation volleyball leagues – for…

Danny Paulmeyer
July 1, 2016

Beth Comstock Quote

Danny Paulmeyer
June 8, 2016

Solving The Digital Equity Problem

According to the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), almost 50 percent of students said that they were unable to complete…

Danny Paulmeyer
May 18, 2016

Digital Citizenship – Teaching Students How to Behave Online

Students are growing up in a different world than many of us experienced. They have always had smartphones, tablets and…

Danny Paulmeyer
May 16, 2016

Five Emerging E-Learning Trends

Technology is disrupting the education industry. It has transformed traditional approaches and created the opportunity to explore new, improved ways…

Danny Paulmeyer
May 9, 2016

Using Email To Generate Webinar Participation and Sales Leads – Case Study

A client preparing to host a webinar wished to promote it through a targeted email campaign. The challenge: to develop new business opportunities by reaching the select group of decision-makers who determine which education products to buy. CB&A was able to find the email addresses and reach these key decision makers through a targeted email campaign that provided an impressive number of business development leads from the webinar.

Danny Paulmeyer
May 1, 2016

John Villere Quote

Danny Paulmeyer
Reach your education conference marketing goals with social media.
April 21, 2016

Creating Social Media Affection on Valentine’s Day – Case Study

A client recently entered the education market with their new, industry-leading 3D printer, and CB&A was asked to come up with an out-of-the-box idea for Valentine’s Day to educate potential customers about the product. By creating an engaging video with unique content on and supporting it with a targeted advertising campaign, the CB&A digital team was able garner a large number of views, and build engagement with a cost-effective approach.

Danny Paulmeyer