Using Email To Generate Webinar Participation and Sales Leads – Case Study

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using-email-to-generate-webinar-participation-and-sales-leadsThe Situation: A CB&A client preparing to host a webinar wished to promote it through a targeted email campaign. The webinar is an important piece of a new business approach providing the chance to walk prospective customers through the benefits of the client’s program. The challenge: to develop new business opportunities by reaching the select group of decision-makers who determine which education products to buy. CB&A was able to find the email addresses and reach these key decision makers through a targeted email campaign that provided an impressive number of business development leads from the webinar.

The Results: The email campaign exceeded the client’s expectations of webinar sign-ups as a result of specific email targeting strategies, combined with precise distribution timing and formatting of the email for the audience.

Planning & Execution: After identifying the target audience, the CB&A digital team created a campaign focused on reaching the key influencers directly by email. The digital team conducted research and created a custom email list of prospects for the webinar. Then, CB&A crafted a compelling message that resulted in an impressive open and conversion rate above industry averages. One of the key items in the email success was formatting its content for mobile devices. The digital team analyzed the first email results and continued to fine-tune the message to optimize the following two email blasts. Tweaking the delivery timing resulted in the client getting an impressive number of sign-up conversions.

Outcomes: The email campaign produced a 5 percent conversion rate and a 20 percent open rate.

Email_Shiny_Icon.svgThe CB&A digital team was able to understand the client’s needs and target a specific audience. The campaign used three targeted email blasts to bring a large number of webinar sign-ups that exceeded the client’s participation goal.