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Five Emerging E-Learning Trends

By May 16, 2016October 20th, 2017No Comments

five-emerging-elearning-trendsTechnology is disrupting the education industry. It has transformed traditional approaches and created the opportunity to explore new, improved ways to educate students.

Through e-learning (otherwise known as online learning), educators have been able to reach students through new media and more personalized learning in order to fit the lessons to the student’s learning style.

E-learning is evolving as technology and online education strategies continue to improve. Here are a few noteworthy trends to keep an eye on:

  1. Gamification: The ability to turn learning into a fun, interactive game is relatively new concept that has proven to encourage students to learn more. Technology and e-learning have provided an avenue to combine learning and games into one activity for students everywhere.
  2. Data: One of the major recent advances in incorporating technology with education is measuring the technology’s effectiveness and understanding the vast amounts of data it provides. With administrators and teachers understanding how students are learning online and measuring usage, the whole system can be continuously improved.
  3. BYOD: By allowing students to bring their own devices into the classroom, schools can save money, students will be more comfortable working with their own device, and they can organize their work in one place.
  4. Flipped Learning: By providing students with the resources to teach themselves through their own devices outside of the classroom, teachers can focus on critical thinking and more detailed lessons rather than teaching the basics.
  5. Personalization: When a student is learning online, the lessons can be tailored specifically to their education and interest level in order to help foster each individual student’s growth.

In the coming years, technology will continue to change the way students and teachers interact, and influence the formulation of new best practices for teachers. E-learning has become mainstream, and will continue to grow as technology advances in the years ahead.