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Video Interviews 101 – Three Tips for Creating an Engaging Video

By February 22, 2011October 16th, 2017No Comments

After TCEA 2011, I felt inspired to write this post after recording a series of video announcements during the conference. If your organization has considered recording videos for its website (or news releases), or has already done so, I hope these few tips prove helpful.

1. Provide honest messaging. While preparing a script never hurts, resist the temptation to memorize and recite it verbatim. Your audiences want to see the “real” you and will appreciate a more natural, honest message.

TCEA Video Day2. Interact with your audience. Make eye contact with the camera and smile – many times interviewees get so caught up in remembering what they want to say that they forget about the viewer. Although you’re looking at a camera, you’re really having a one-on-one conversation, so it’s important to be enthusiastic and try to connect with your audience.

3. Stay calm. Even the most confident, charismatic person can freeze up in front of the camera. Be real, transparent and relatable. If you have great talking points, but look nervous, that’s all people will remember, so take a breath and relax.

Finally, here’s a good tip from a member of our own client family: if you have to speak in front of a camera, record your dialogue, listen to the playback, and critique yourself. This will help you identify when to emphasize key points (through tone and inflection) to solidify your message with the audience.

Have you recorded your own videos? What suggestions do you have to make them easier, more enjoyable, and an overall successful experience?