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Three Key Tips to Remember When Engaging in Social Media

By July 13, 2009October 17th, 2017No Comments

After participating in Hubspot‘s Using Social Media for Lead Generation webinar, hosted by Rick Burnes, Hubspot Marketing Manager, I came away with three key tips for anyone engaging in social media, which could be summarized in this simple observation:  Take your in-person networking skills and deploy them in the social media sphere.  More specifically:

  • Listen, listen, listen to your audience/fans/followers.
  • Build relationships with those audiences.
  • Share your content – think of contributions you can make that  your audience will appreciate; that will let them know what you, or your clients (or your clients’ products) can do to solve their problems.

In addition to contributing content on Twitter and Facebook, get involved in conversations on other social media networks. Take LinkedIn Q&As for example – LinkedIn may not be the best forum for distributing your news, or your clients’ news, but contributing your expertise on specific topics through the Q&A forums will bolster your industry credibility.

Be sure to include calls to action in your online content when appropriate (on your Web site, in blog posts and tweets). Creating a well-balanced combination of calls to action and interesting content will turn your visitors into leads.

In addition, you can evaluate your company/personal Twitter and Facebook profiles on Twitter Grader and Facebook Grader.  These sites offer tools that measure the reach of your pages/profiles to see how your social media presence is increasing your company’s overall online traffic and converting those visitors into potential customers.

Not on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn and other social media networks? Create a company profile and start networking today! Make your first connections by visiting the C. Blohm & Associates home page and clicking on the logos for our social media forums.