Three Tips to Finding Elusive Educators This Summer

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Three tips for your education marketing strategy in the summer.It’s important to adapt your education marketing strategy to stay connected through the coming months. Summer can be an ideal time to present new, innovative solutions for educators to implement in their schools.

In any profession, breaks are essential for coming up with fresh ideas. While educators are on vacation, they are dreaming up different ways to do their jobs. They’re highly energized, and open to different approaches.

Be there when and where educators need you

You never know when an educator will have that lightbulb moment and take to the Internet to find a way to make their idea a reality. When educators come up with new ideas, be present and ready to help them.

Improve your SEO to increase organic search traffic. New, voice-activated personal assistants like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Home are changing the way we think about SEO. Mounting very modest paid search advertising campaigns during the summer is another tactic that yields results.

Everyone loves a “Thank You”

An overlooked tactic at the end of the school year is an email thanking educators for their hard work. Celebrate the end of another successful year, and encourage them to reach out over the summer with any questions via email, social media or phone.

But social media is essential

Shift strategies to interacting via social media instead of email campaigns using school addresses. A 2016 Front Row Education study finds that 71% of K-8 teachers use Facebook and 69% of K-8 teachers use Pinterest daily for personal use. Reach teachers where they are. Social media is key during the summer months.

Take the summer months to reassess your marketing efforts and to revamp your social media strategy. Finding time to analyze data is often a challenge. Now is a great time to pore over your marketing efforts from the past school year and identify your greatest ROI successes. Add yourself into organic conversations in social media.

Don’t overlook conferences and trade shows

Summer is time for professional development. Educators are looking for ways to catch up on the latest education trends. Have a presence at trade shows and conferences, such as ISTE or SETDA, to make connections with educators who are actively looking for ways to re-energize their teaching strategies.

Summer is the time to assess your marketing plan gears and shift as needed. Changing directions will help you continue to grow revenue throughout the coming school year.

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