Report: Coronavirus Impact on Education Marketing [Download Now]

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Education CEOs and Marketing Executives Report on How COVID-19 is Affecting Their Businesses

COVID-19 has roiled the education market. Stay-at-home orders, economic fallout and school closures are forcing education business leaders to react quickly amid uncertainty and unprecedented market conditions. The pandemic struck during the height of the Spring/Summer education conference season, and it’s disrupting the school buying cycle as we’ve long known it.

It feels like there are more questions than answers.

To support education business owners and marketers as they plot a path forward, we conducted the Coronavirus Impact on Education Marketing Survey. Results of this survey provide a moment-in-time snapshot of how education businesses are being affected by COVID-19 and how marketers are adjusting their plans in response to the pandemic and market shifts, including supporting students who are learning remotely.

We gathered responses from 60 education business leaders and marketers from April 16-21 to gauge the impact COVID-19 is having on:

  • Sales Pipelines
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention
  • Marketing Budgets
  • Marketing Communications

To learn about the Coronavirus Impact on Education Marketing, Download the Report or View our 30-minute Webinar.