Education Marketing Action Alert: Congress Passes Education Budget

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The News

Congress passed an FY19 spending bill shortly before the start of the new fiscal year (Oct. 1) that includes funding for the U.S. Department of Education.

While overall spending is similar to last year, the budget deal boosts federal funding for Title I by $100 million, special education by $87 million, school safety and edtech by $70 million, and career and technical education by $70 million.

What It Means

The approval of a FY19 budget is good news for K-12 leaders and education marketers. Last year’s federal budget saw a series of continuing resolutions until the final budget was passed in March, leading to months of uncertainty about school spending.

That won’t be a problem this year, which could make education sales a little easier in 2018-19.

Your Opportunities

Here are five ways to leverage this news:

  • Spread the word. Make sure your customers and prospects are aware of the new budget. Knowing that key programs have been funded could make K-12 buyers more responsive to your marketing.
  • Think strategically. Having a federal budget in place before the start of the new fiscal year affords ample time to create an integrated, months-long coordinated campaign.
  • Dig into the details. Examine the new budget for opportunities to use federal funding for your products, and create content to help schools see how to complete their purchasing process.
  • Update funding alignments. Match your product offering to specific programs and availabilities. Develop offers to update or refurbish materials that enable customers to stretch their resources further.
  • Sales talking points. Keep your sales teams informed by producing funding summaries backed with sales and marketing talking points. Share examples of creative funding solutions to jumpstart sales.

We can help you plan and execute a successful sales and marketing strategy that takes full advantage of this development. Contact us today to learn how.

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