Education Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Download Your Report Now

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2020 Education Marketing Trends Report

Do Your Education Marketing Strategies Need a Refresh?

For education marketers and business owners, 2020 holds both challenges and opportunities. Competition for attention and customers is fierce — and growing. New marketing technologies and trends are emerging. When is the right time to experiment with new education marketing strategies? Is it better to stay the course? What’s the risk of being left behind by the market?

To shed light on these topics, we posed tough questions about marketing strategies and budget priorities in our 2020 Education Marketing Trends Survey. With more than 100 respondents, our Education Marketing Trends Report is uniquely informed by marketers who know what it takes to succeed in the education sector.

Our team of seasoned education marketing experts analyzed response data and supplemented these quantitative findings with insights from in-depth interviews. This research, combined with our team’s three decades of experience operating in the education space, helps education marketers make sense of the changing tides.

In this report, we distilled survey responses and commentary into six key education marketing trends for vendors to focus on in the new decade. To provide even more value to education marketing leaders, we also included our recommendations and interpretation of the numbers to identify what these trends mean for 2020. Each section concludes with takeaways, which education marketing leaders can use to inform strategy.

Let’s get started.

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