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Liven Up Live Events

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Planning live events can be tricky. Promotion, coordination, invitation and a handful of other –tions need to be executed for the event to be deemed a success.526658_10151250177590778_811688634_n

PR News recently held a webinar addressing the issues that can arise when planning a live event. Below are five helpful tips to pulling off a successful event:

1. Plan, plan and plan some more – Planning an event goes beyond booking a room and sending out an invitation. Generating interest is a key component to making a live event a success. Promotion across social media can help start a conversation that draws the attention of a wider audience.

2. Come with a story to tell – A good event has a purpose. Let people know why they should attend and what to expect. Everyone’s time is valuable, so convince potential participants that it’s worth their while to attend.

3. Different is good – Try new things to promote engagement among participants. Tradition is fine, but adding an unusual element to the event, like a game or a contest, will get people talking.

4. Extend the conversation – The event isn’t over just because the clock goes past the time on the invitation. Look for ways to continue to interact and build upon its success, ideally through social media. Create a blog post recap and encourage readers to leave comments. Pose questions on Facebook and Twitter to give participants an opportunity to continue discussions and nourish new connections.

5. Gauge success – Set benchmarks before the event and determine whether they were met. Send a survey to participants to find out if they thought the experience was valuable.

What strategies have you found successful when hosting a live event?