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One of the responsibilities we take most seriously at our agency is helping our clients build and maintain meaningful relationships with the media, primarily the editors, journalists, bloggers, and analysts who cover the education industry. In doing so, we share timely, newsworthy stories to meet their information needs.

Cole Smith of PRSC with the CB&A team at NECC Media Central.

Cole Smith (center) of PR SourceCode with the CB&A team (Sandy, Emily, Charlene, Kristen, Brittany, Martha) at NECC Media Central.

Our hard work and success was recognized today in PR SourceCode’s annual “Top Tech Communicators” study, which highlights journalists’ opinions on the IT industry’s top PR agencies, corporate PR departments, and individual PR professionals. PR SourceCode is a content service provider serving the journalism, conference, industry accolade, and public relations communities within the IT industry.

C. Blohm & Associates, Inc., was ranked among the top three small public relations firms in the information technology industry, according to PR SourceCode’s survey of more than 500 journalists, including staff at InformationWeek, Security Magazine and eWEEK, as well as leading publications in the education technology industry. Our team was recognized for being responsive, reliable and bringing value to the editorial process.

This honor would not be possible without the amazing people we work with in the education technology sector on a daily basis. We want to thank all the media who took the time to evaluate PR professionals and agencies during this survey, especially those who named us! The PRSourceCode study provides important information on the keys to a successful PR professional-journalist relationship.

While we provide the education media with the information they need, its their invaluable efforts that inform administrators, teachers, parents, and community leaders about the important news and events that affect teaching and learning. The industry works together to help students succeed.

We love what we do, and we hope it shows.
~ The CB&A team