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CoSN’s “Friends of Advocacy Campaign”

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Rapidly advancing technology has generated plenty of potential for improvements in 21st century learning environments. But with any new development, bringing products into the education market can be challenging. Confident that working together can help overcome barriers, The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) continues to advocate for new approaches to K-12 education, with its “Friends of Advocacy Campaign.”

Through the advocacy campaign, CoSN aims to strengthen support for enabling 21st century learning through technology. The association announced the campaign in February, and is accepting contributions through Sunday, March 31, 2013. With numerous advocacy efforts over the last 20 years, CoSN continues its instrumental tradition to raise awareness about the importance of education technology in America’s schools. CoSN has led numerous efforts to shed light on this important cause, including:

  • Working to create and sustain the E-Rate program (the major dedicated funding source for school technology);
  • Providing innovative, vendor neutral leadership initiatives and resources for school systems technology leaders;
  • Establishing global connections to learn about best information and communication technologies practices worldwide;
  • Building a strong advocacy network to maintain an effective voice in policy formation and implementation at the federal level;
  • Creating opportunities for members to connect and share; and
  • Establishing state chapters nationwide (14 and growing).

Also, during the 2013 CoSN Annual Conference, March 11-13, in San Diego, CoSN will host the 9th Annual Dinner & Auction for Advocacy. The dinner is a fundraising event to support CoSN’s advocacy efforts and gathers those who share CoSN’s vision of bringing 21st century learning to the nation’s schools. View the video below for more information about the “Friends of Advocacy Campaign,” or visit the contributions site.