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CB&A is Going for Gold in Our Latest Dairy Dispatch

By February 18, 2014November 3rd, 2017No Comments

The torch is lit and the Winter Olympics are in full swing in Sochi, Russia. The former Soviet Union is hosting the Winter Games for the first time, and while the accommodations are questionable, the athletes’ dedication to excellence is not. A similar dedication characterizes our education marketing clients featured in the new Dairy Dispatch.1924WOlympicPoster

Athletes from around the world have been competing in cold-weather sports such as figure skating and bobsled since the first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France in 1924. Audiences have been treated to some of the greatest sports moments in history, including the Miracle on Ice in 1980 at Lake Placid.

The Dairy Dispatch covers a few of those dramatic moments, as well as some exciting education marketing news. With student assessment tools rising in popularity, Learning.com launched a new BYOD app, and prepared educators and students for next-generation online assessments. Applying new developments in robotics and artificial intelligence to special education, RoboKind has launched Robots4Autism, a comprehensive autism program that links academic success to social and behavioral developmental needs; to celebrate, they’re holding a “Name Our Robot” contest. And in keeping with the move to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Califone showcased products at TCEA, such as its Listen First Stereo Headsets, designed to support the English Language Arts component of CCSS.

The Winter Olympics will be over before we know it, but this is the just the first round of great edtech news to carry us through 2014.