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Drink up our latest CB&A Dairy Dispatch!

By October 5, 2012November 3rd, 2017No Comments

Give a boost to your day by taking a look at the September/October edition of the CB&A !

Our bimonthly newsletter is super-charged with the latest edtech news involving our client family, and takes a caffeine-free look at some java history in honor of Sept. 29’s National Coffee Day.

According to the National Coffee Association, Coffee originated in the Ethiopian highlands. Legend has it that Kaldi, a goat herder, noticed his goats frolicking in high spirits after eating berries from a particular tree. Upon revealing his findings to a local monastery, a monk made a drink with the berries and obtained a strange alertness during extended periods of prayer and meditation. He shared this new-found concoction with the rest of the monastery, and word of these energy berries slowly began to spread.

For other interesting coffee nuggets, and to learn the latest exciting news involving our clients, view the Dairy Dispatch .