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Fantasy Football and Social Media: The Winning “Players”

By August 30, 2017June 7th, 2020No Comments

ff1What if you viewed social media strategy like fantasy football? Like the thousands of people who play, you probably spent time researching players, adjusting your draft strategy and choosing players who would make you league champion with a year’s worth of bragging rights.

We have a lineup of 5 free social media tools that could help you win every marketing campaign you kick off!


Every social media strategy needs a visual component. If you’re running a social media campaign to score sales, Canva is your offensive star.

You don’t need a graphic design background to use Canva. A drag-and-drop editor enables you to create a wide array of graphic elements; including the very popular infographics that make complex information easily digestible. Choose from a million stock photos and professionally created templates. Or, start from scratch and upload your own photos and graphics.

The free version provides 1GB storage and two folders for up to 10 team members to organize your designs. The paid version has even more features.

Google Trends

Looking for a way to expand your “social media offense” and get more people to click on your content? Google Trends helps you see what your audience is reading and create content just for them.

This free tool shows you what topics are trending and how they rank. Search by topic or keyword for insight into how many people are searching for a topic over time or by region. You also can find related search terms to build the content, and compare different search terms to find the ones that work best for your SEO efforts.

Campaign URL Builder

The biggest mistake marketers make is not using the data available to track and analyze their social media campaigns – heck, or any marketing campaign! Imagine not looking back at the football game you just lost (or won) to see what went wrong (or right) with certain players and plays?

Campaign URL Builder from Google Analytics helps you see exactly where traffic is coming from for your paid advertising campaigns on third-party social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube or email marketing efforts.

With Campaign URL Builder, you create unique links to track clicks to the campaign landing page. Fill out the required information for each of your social media platforms and the tool does the rest.


There are coaches for quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs for a reason: to manage the players. Your social media strategy should be no different. Tweetdeck is an essential tool that allows you to manage all of your Twitter activity from a single console.

This free program helps you monitor Twitter conversations about your brand by setting up “streams” filtered by keywords or hashtags. You can review an unlimited number of Twitter accounts and schedule your outgoing tweets in advance.


Every football team has different coaches for offense and defense. While Tweetdeck manages your offense on Twitter, Hootsuite can manage your entire “team,” including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

Hootsuite is free for up to three social media accounts. For $9.99/month, an upgrade to Hootsuite Pro enables you to add 50 different social media accounts, and upload up to 350 posts and schedule them all at once!

The Winning Strategy

It takes time, research and trying new things out each week to become league champion of your fantasy football league.  These five social media tools will help you tackle any marketing challenge and turn your campaign into a game-winning touchdown!

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