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5 Strategies For Successful SEO

By July 21, 2015February 14th, 2020No Comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a considerable time investment, Search engine optimization (SEO)and you can’t expect to see results overnight. To get started, here are five strategies to put you on the path to SEO success.

There’s More Than One Kind of SEO 

SEO has become shorthand for various ways to increase your search engine ranking, but there is more than one kind of SEO. Particularly, there’s a difference between “High-End” SEO and “Search-Friendly” SEO.

Search-Friendly is a strategic, one-time adjustment to the messaging on your website that implements “high visibility” keywords and phrases that will draw searchers to your site. Search-Friendly SEO focuses on natural language and reading scores, favoring copy that is easy to read and not over-stuffed with keywords.

“High-End” SEO is based on an in-depth search engine credibility analysis of every phrase on your website. It’s an ongoing process that takes a customized approach to each targeted phrase, and helps your site build momentum over time. Expect to continue honing your keyword strategy as your campaign progresses.

Not Everyone Comes Organically

Just as there are multiple kinds of SEO, there are multiple ways to discover your website. The two major visitor categories are searchers and browsers. Browsers find your site organically through social media and links on other websites, while searchers have intent; they’re looking for specific companies, goods or services.

You don’t need us to tell you that a “searcher” is the more qualified lead by the time they find your site. Your website should utilize language that anticipates the terms searchers will use to locate your products or services.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

If you expect to secure the top spot in Google right away, you’re going to be disappointed. There’s just too much competition, and Google favors websites with authority. You can build that authority (and save a fortune in AdWords) by deploying search terms directed at more specialized audiences. As you rise in the PageRanks of those terms, you can employ more competitive keywords to increase your rank.

Go Mobile

Google’s latest update to its PageRank algorithm, nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” in the blogosphere, wasn’t as devastating to website traffic as previous updates, but the penalties for not abiding by the new guidelines are still pretty severe. If you’ve been thinking about optimizing your site for mobile devices, now is the time to take the plunge. No amount of keyword/SEO strategy will make up for a poorly optimized website.

SEO is Not a One-Time Tactic

SEO is a messy, complicated, strategic, ongoing process. Just because you reach your objectives at the end of a campaign doesn’t mean you stop pursuing your overall visibility goals. Google revises its algorithms regularly to prevent websites from “gaming” the ranking system. Stay on top of these changes through webinars, workshops, and blogs like ours. Adjust your strategy frequently to maintain, and build upon, your initial momentum.