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2014 Summer Memories Part II

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Taking a break from education marketing, Part II of our summer memory journey takes us to the waters of Manitoulin Island, the sunflower fields of Wisconsin, the Sapphire Mountains in Montana and even features a nautical love story.

We hope reading our memories allowed you to hold on just a little bit longer to sweet summertime.

Saul Hafenbredl, Account Manager


My favorite summer memory is an easy choice. After getting married, Elena and I headed west to the Sapphire Mountains in Montana. We spent the week in a remote cabin – hiking, swimming in the Salmon River, forgetting about work for a while, and avoiding phone and computer screens at all costs. It was the perfect way to recharge, connect with nature and celebrate.

Kristina Rozenbergs, Account Coordinator


The highlight of my summer was sailing around the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin. I had never been that far north and enjoyed experiencing the beautiful and unique landscapes of each island. The best part of my mini-vacation came on the last day, when my boyfriend proposed on the bow of the boat as we were overlooking Bayfield on a bright and sunny morning!

Donna Kraenzle, Office Manager


Marveling at more than nine acres of gigantic sunflower blooms on a perfect August day is one of my favorite summer 2014 memories. “Tomorrow may rain so, I’ll follow the sun” (The Beatles).

Paul Mamelka, IT Administrator

In August, Charlene and I rented a cabin with a couple of friends on Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world, conveniently situated a mere 12 hour drive away from Madison, in the upper part of Lake Huron.  It’s big enough to contain 90+ lakes, some of which also have islands. The lake we were situated on boasts a large island with a distinctive shape that the original native settlers named “Mindemoya”, Objiwe for “fat old woman”, which became the lake’s name as well. Besides diving into the local history (and the lake’s rather brisk water) we spent an enjoyable week canoeing and fishing, hiking the countryside, and touring the far reaches of the Island, from Little Current to Meldrum Bay. A timeless place, although yes, Internet access -is- available!

Charlene Blohm, President/CEO

Packing up the fishing rods, making the 12 hour drive to Manitoulin Island, receiving my fishing license in Ontario and buying bait all led up to my summer highlight– casting the first line. The anticipation was all worth it for that one moment.