Introducing . . Education Marketing Action Alert

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Education marketing action alert

The News

You’ve likely already heard the news: The White House released the President’s proposed “Skinny Budget,” a brief blueprint for next year’s budget. The president’s recommended guidelines favor growth in defense spending while the Department of Education will suffer funding losses.

Your Opportunities

As active members of the education marketing community, none of us like to even think about the prospect of cuts to federal education spending. Here are five steps for everyone in education marketing to consider starting today:

  • State leaders will be asked to play an even larger role in the future. Collaborate with your executive, sales and outreach teams to deepen and expand your organization’s state- and district-level relationships.
  • Show your school and district clients that rely on federal funds that you can still accomplish most of what you want to, though perhaps at a reduced cost.
  • Work with internal experts to identify ways to adjust and modularize products, programs and pricing, and keep a list of those targets handy as you negotiate contracts.
  • Identify alternate sources of funding such as grants that your customers may be able to utilize.
  • Use this market news to show your customers and prospects that your organization is dedicated to finding solutions – together.

We’ve all had to rebalance our budgets over the years, and it’s incumbent on us to help our clients find ways to achieve their goals. If you haven’t already done so, we’re glad to help you prepare a response plan.