5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing in Education

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Email marketing tips for your education marketing strategy.Email marketing remains one of the most successful ways to build a relationship with an already-engaged audience. Anyone who has opted in to your current email list is considered a warm lead, potentially willing to purchase your products or services. In fact, opt-in and customer lists tend to get higher open rates, some as high as 20 percent, according to MCH Data.

Segmenting audiences and personalizing emails are powerful tactics for your education marketing strategy. And affordable – the majority of email providers are free, or reasonably inexpensive depending on the size of your list. Deployed properly, email is a reliable method to reach your audience and drive conversions because the message is direct and personal.

These five email marketing tips will help you maintain open rates, and even boost them, maximizing the return from every email you send.

Always personalize

Most email service providers make it nearly effortless to include the recipient’s first name, or even send a personalized message when a specific action is completed. This approach builds a relationship between a prospect and your brand, as well as increasing open and conversion rates.

Keep subject lines short

Command your prospect’s attention with a short, concise and relevant subject line. Choose language that entices your reader and hints at exclusivity, timeliness or prominence. Develop an understanding of your audience that enables you to personalize keywords and compose phrases that resonate.

Include one, clear call to action

Every email you send should have a single, clear call to action. Any additional calls to action you include will diminish your overall click-through rates. Employ concise, pointed verbiage that leaves no room for misinterpretation. Use phrases such as:

  • Download this special report.
  • Click for full product specifications.
  • Read the story on our website.

Pay attention to preview text

It varies by device, but usually the first thing your readers see following the subject line is a short preview text that’s often the first line of your email. Use this opportunity to summarize the email’s message. Your reader will understand exactly what you’re offering and be open to learn more.

Maintain a positive tone

Regardless of the subject matter, a positive voice and attitude will make your readers more likely to do what you ask of them. Emotion drives the majority of purchasing decisions, not logic, so it’s good practice to keep emotions high whenever possible.

Email marketing delivers data-rich insights that enable you to analyze behavior and tailor your message to fit audience interests. A consistent email strategy will inspire a strong and engaged audience base that deliver customers, return customers and eventually, brand advocates.

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