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Special Education Innovations From ISTE: An eSchool News Reflection

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It’s been a month since ISTE 2014, but we’re still beaming from the Special Education Innovation Reception. Dennis Pierce (@eSN_Dennis) of eSchool News recently wrote about the event in the article Four Special-Education Innovations from ISTEand it inspired us to reflect on the gathering.

Dennis did a wonderful job capturing all of the exciting innovations that were highlighted at the event. We partnered with the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network, Arc Capital Development and the Atlanta Braves to showcase technology innovations in special education and bring together some of the most inventive minds in the special needs community.

Some highlights Dennis included in his article are:

  • A “cognitive cross-training program” from C8 Sciences that combines computer games and physical exercises to help students with ADHD and other learning disabilities develop areas of “executive functioning.”
  • The two-foot-tall humanoid robot Milo who’s included in the product Robots4Autism from RoboKind that practices social skills with children on the autism spectrum.
  • A tablet computer manager from TabPilot that allows teachers to lock students’ screens and monitor their activity.
  • A device from LoganTech that uses RFID technology to retrieve vocabulary stored on sound tags to produce spoken words.