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Robotics in Education: Not Quite a Takeover

By August 14, 2014January 27th, 2023No Comments


The idea of robots taking over the world has been depicted in films, literature and popular culture. With so much attention paid to fantasy scenarios, it can be easy to forget that there are robots actually being used in daily life to make chores easier or solve problems. A recent Fox News article describes robots that clean floors, make flatbreads and even organize calendars.

One robot featured in the article demonstrates how robotics are used in education. The humanoid-robot, Milo, is designed to teach social skills to children with autism. Milo displays human-like expressions and can detect when a child is paying attention. This is just one of the many ways educators use robots to enhance instruction; another natural fit for robotics is science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

There is huge potential for robotics in education. They can be used to introduce foreign languages to children at an early age, support early childhood reading and more. The possibilities are virtually endless. With these education applications, though, there’s no need to worry about robots taking over the world just yet.