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Off to EIA!

By July 24, 2013December 22nd, 2018No Comments
CB&A is an education pr agency.

Just when you thought we had put away the cowboy boots and said goodbye to Texas for the year, CB&A president, Charlene Blohm, will be heading to Dallas July 25-27 for the Education Industry Association’s (EIA) 23rd annual EDVentures conference, where participants will learn about new industry trends and business opportunities in the education space.

This year, Charlene will be lending her industry expertise to three presentations. For the first, “Engaging your K-12 Audience: Driving Sales in an Internet World,” she will focus on social media as a multifaceted approach to engaging consumers and increasing sales. Charlene will target key channels to enhance marketing opportunities, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and offer tips on how to boost those sites’ utility on a larger scale.

In the second presentation, Charlene will co-lead “Strategic Planning for Education Businesses” with Farimah Schuerman of Academic Business Advisors, a consulting firm that finds and grows companies that are going to transform and improve the education landscape. Together they will explore the importance of creating and implementing a successful business plan within the education industry.

The last speaking opportunity is in the format of a “Genius Bar”, where Charlene will join a panel of speakers fielding questions from the audience and facilitating conversation about topics such as educational apps, common core, social media, selling to schools and marketing tools, to name a few.

You can follow @CharleneBlohm and @Farimah8 for updates on their adventures from EDVentures 2013, and follow Steve Pines (@SPinesEIA) and #EDVentures13 on Twitter for news throughout the conference.