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EIA EDVentures 2013 Wrap-Up Part 2

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There’s been a lot of talk about the EIA EDVentures 2013 conference in Dallas, and that Charlene was invited to present two different sessions. We whetted your appetite with the titles of her sessions, and since then we’ve received myriad requests wishing to feast on the meat and potatoes of her presentations.

Her solo session, “Engaging Your K-12 Audience: Driving Sales in an Internet World,” focused on ways companies can engage their target audience through social media and learning to leverage that interaction.solopres

The second session was co-presented with Farimah Shuerman from Academic Business Advisors. Together they discussed “Strategic Planning for Education Businesses,” which focused more specifically on businesses and determining your goals and how to reach them.farimahpres

The “Genius Bar,” Charlene’s third session, was a go-with-the-flow, spontaneous event, so no formal preparation was required. Instead, Charlene was one of the public relations and social media experts, fielding questions from inquiring minds.geniusbar

Overall, the trip to Dallas was a great success, offering Charlene the opportunity to mingle with her education-industry colleagues and listen to some informative presentations.  For a visual overview, click through our EIA photo album on Facebook.

Up next? EdNET!