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‘EdNET Insider’ Series Helps Managers Enhance 2015 K-12 Sales Plans

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This fall, CB&A attended EdNET 2014, education marketers’ go-to event for networking, learning and sharing. We teamed up with Glen McCandless of Selling to Schools to record and produce a broadcast series called EdNET Insider. Each 15-minute podcast captures reactions from the education industry’s brightest minds and thought leaders, who share advice on ways to leverage K-12 ed-tech market trends and opportunities being discussed at EdNET 2014:

  • The Buzz About Open Educational Resources (OER). During this program, listeners get the inside scoop from leaders who are shaping the school market right now. Industry veterans Randy Wilhelm, Lee Wilson, Dan Caton and George Warren provide valuable perspectives and sage advice for a big trend that caused a stir – one that is affecting everyone: OER. Make no mistake, competing with free products and services is a reality, and having a sales and marketing strategy in response to this trend is essential.
  • Student Data Privacy: A K-12 Sales Opportunity? This program poses questions about selling to schools amidst the student data privacy firestorm. Listeners get valuable sales and marketing perspective from K-12 market leaders who are on the front lines of this political debate. This installment features words of wisdom from SETDA’s Geoff Fletcher, Lillian Kellogg of Education Networks of America (ENA) and Brian Healy of Apperson Inc.
  • Education Marketing and K-12 Sales for Common Core Standards. Nothing is having a bigger impact on companies that sell products and services to K-12 schools than Common Core State Standards. In this program, listeners get answers to sales questions from Fletcher, Kellogg, Caton, Randy Jennings of Education Technology Partners, and Jieun Choe and Mike Morley of Triumph Learning.
  • Should You Attend K-12 Industry Meetings? The series concludes with timely information about important K-12 ed-tech trends. Leaders from Promethean, Knovation, Apperson, Inc., CEV Multimedia, Filament Games and Arc Capital Development weigh-in on why it’s important to attend peer events – even when customers and prospects aren’t present.

Visit www.blogtalkradio.com/sellingtoschools to access the entire EdNET Insider series.

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