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DonorsChoose Helps Bring Technology to America’s Classrooms

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As a “thank you” to media who attended CB&A’s Media Central or Media Day, participating clients have made donations to local schools in the city of each conference (e.g., FETC, TCEA, ISTE) via DonorsChoose.org. If you’re unfamiliar with DonorsChoose, here’s how it works: public school teachers across America post classroom project requests on the organization’s website. Then, visitors can browse project requests and give any amount to a project of their choice. Once the funding goal is met, DonorsChoose delivers the needed materials to the school.

Once the requesting teacher receives the materials, donors receive photos of the project, a thank you letter from the teacher and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. If you give more than $100, you also receive hand-written thank you letters from the students.

picture_026To date, DonorsChoose has raised $75,728,050 and helped 4,555,635 students through donor contributions – pretty amazing if you ask me.

Recently, we were able to read letters from Orlando students who benefited from a donation made on behalf of the media who attended FETC 2011 Media Day. Their teacher received two GPS units from the donation, and the students were able to use the units during a geocaching activity. The pictures and letters expressed their excitement over this new technology and their appreciation of the donation.

Here’s an example:

“Dear Education Media,

Thanks a lot for providing us with the GPS’ necessary for the fun-filled geocaching project! Our class would not have that amazing time without your help! Our class had so much fun with the project! Everyone’s geocache was well hidden and camouflaged amazingly. It took real effort to find them all in the limited amount of time. I can’t believe everyone found our geocache! I actually thought it was well hidden! I can’t wait to do this amazing project sometime soon! Thank you for your amazing help! I’m amazingly excited for next time! You’re amazing!


Stanley’s exuberant response was echoed by many of his classmates, and making a difference in students’ lives is what encourages our clients and others to donate to the projects listed on DonorsChoose. So, what are you waiting for? Visit DonorsChoose.org today, and make a donation to a classroom of your choice.