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Repackaging a Story to Appeal to Disparate Audiences – Case Study

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A client specializing in learning games sought to garner visibility of its new engineering game during a launch at an elementary school. By inviting local media to the school and conducting additional national media outreach, CB&A increased awareness of the game both locally and nationally.

Planning & Execution:

Two weeks before the client introduced its new product, CB&A invited local news outlets to the elementary school launch event. To supplement the invitation, CB&A sent a sneak peek of the game to a key group of local media interested in education news. During the launch, CB&A arranged onsite interviews between media and the client, and captured multimedia of students using the game. In the days following the event, CB&A distributed a news release about the product launch to local media and national education trade media. The distribution included multimedia assets captured during the school event. CB&A also used event photos in media pitching efforts during the weeks following the launch.


Through CB&A’s strategic media outreach, local media members attended the launch event and wrote about the new game. In addition to local coverage, national education trade media produced feature-story coverage about the product.

Specific Outcomes:

Local consumer media such as Wisconsin State Journal and Verona Press attended elementary school launch event. Wisconsin State Journal spotlighted the game in both print and online. As a result of additional media outreach and the news release distribution, prominent national education trade media also covered the game, including:

  • T.H.E. Journal
  • District Administration
  • Tech & Learning
  • EdNET Insight
  • Internet@Schools

All told, the earned media campaign netted more than 850,000 cumulative impressions in credible media outlets read by the client’s target audiences.


This campaign highlighted the importance of repackaging stories and multimedia assets so they appeal to different targets. CB&A knew the product launch would interest both local consumer media and national education trade media, but the audiences required unique treatment. By understanding the media targets and end-users those targets served, CB&A was able to tailor its outreach and achieve results for the client.