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People Behind the PR Holiday Edition: Part 2

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In part two of our holiday blogging, we tell the reindeer to go full-steam ahead, as we break out a post filled with holiday hopes and sweet seasonal treats.

3. The number one thing on your holiday wish list this year?

Charlene Blohm: A new Dutch oven (for baking bread).

Andria Casey: While a trip to Pasadena is number one on my dream list, what I’d really love is a Badger Rose Bowl win for my last Christmas in college!

Emily Embury: I’ve been begging my husband for a gift certificate to a local yoga studio. And if he doesn’t come through I may just have to treat myself. 😉

Saul Hafenbredl: No wish list this year. Instead of exchanging gifts, my family decided we’re all taking a trip together in March – somewhere warm.

Martha Jacobs: My holiday wish actually came true today! My cousin Craig is on his way home to Wisconsin for the first time in months. He’s in the Marine Corps and has been serving in Afghanistan…He’s our family hero and it’s amazing to have him home for the holidays!

Paul Mamelka: A few days of sub-32 degree temperatures so local lakes and ponds will magically freeze over to provide some serious ice-skating action.

Kristen Plemon: If I had one wish this year it would be for all the children of the world to join hands in the spirit of harmony and peace, and the second would be for $30 million a month be given to me tax free in a Swiss bank account. All kidding aside, my wish this year and every year is more time with my family. I’ve been blessed with a truly wonderful family, but living a state away hasn’t allowed for as much time as I’d like to spend with them.

Chris Swietlik: I ask for the same thing every year, but no one ever gets it for me: real estate. So, instead, this year I’m asking for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I am in sore need of a cell phone upgrade.

Katie Waite: Spending time with family. I don’t get to see my sister and brother-in-law too often, so I’m looking forward to celebrating the holidays with them and the rest of our family.

Adam Wise: Healthy and happiness. The older we become, the more we become thankful for every Christmas we have with our loved ones.

4. Favorite holiday food or drink? 

Charlene: Food – Leg of lamb with fresh mint sauce, followed by a giant slice of mincemeat pie. Drink – Eggnog.

Andria: Christmas cookies are a must this time of year. My family’s favorites include spritz cookies, pecan dreams, and peanut butter kiss cookies.

Emily: The holidays aren’t complete without spritz cookies. I’m known as the crazy person who makes dozens and dozens of spritz cookies in December.

Saul: Seafood on New Year’s Eve!

Martha: Definitely my mom’s homemade Christmas cutout cookies.

Paul: My Mom’s English plum pudding, stuffed with nuts and sweetmeats and shiny coins, soaked in rum, and set on fire before the noshing begins!

Kristen: Every year I have to have real eggnog; it doesn’t seem like the holidays without it as its the one time a year that I have it. I think the holidays are a time to loosen your belts!

Chris: Every year I anxiously wait for a plate filled with a fresh batch of my grandmother’s Christmas cookies.

Katie: That is a tough one! I’m going to have to go with peppermint bark and hot chocolate…it’s even better to combine the two, and enjoy a piping hot mug of peppermint bark hot chocolate!

Adam: I had a grasshopper (with ice cream) last year for the first time around Christmas and it was delicious. Also, I will drink about one or two glasses of eggnog each season.

Slide back down the chimney next Tuesday for part three!