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July’s #PRProTips

By August 5, 2014January 27th, 2023No Comments

We’ve had a lot of fun with Vine over the past year. We played with teeth, cows and even conducted a science experiment. But as we continued to try new ideas with this six-second app, we started thinking about how we could use this tool to share what we do in education PR with others.

Inspired by Brian Koppleman, a distinguished screenwriter who made a name for himself on social media giving six second writing tips, we have started #PRProTips. Every Wednesday, a different member of the CB&A team will share a small insight into how to master the world of education PR.

Charlene kicked off the series by talking about PR measurement.

Emily discussed how to be flexible during a campaign.

Saul taught us how to hit the bullseye.

And I closed out our first month with some ideas about how to talk about award wins.

We’ll recap each month’s tips in one convenient blog post so you can revisit ones you missed or take them in all at once.

What are you an expert in? And what six-second education PR tips could you share with others? Follow us on Vine and Twitter and send us your best ideas.