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Infographic: Meeting the Media’s Needs at ISTE 2015

By May 27, 2015July 19th, 2023No Comments

You’ve got a big announcement, and you’re headed to ISTE 2015 to help spread the word. Naturally, you’re hoping to speak with the media and score some coverage for your announcement while you’re there.

Fortunately, the media are always looking for newsworthy stories to publish, and ISTE presents an opportune time to share your latest, greatest developments. But it’s also worth remembering that media relations is a two-way street.

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To make the ISTE experience as mutually beneficial as possible, it’s worth exploring what exactly the media needs and how you can fill the gaps. This approach not only helps the media – it helps you engage with them on a more meaningful level.

With these considerations in mind, we set out to survey education journalists, editors and bloggers who frequent ISTE. We asked not what they can do for us; we asked what we can do for them. Which trends do they want to cover? With whom do they want to speak? When are they available? Which formats do they prefer?

The infographic aims to answer these questions and more. We hope you can use it to develop an effective approach going into ISTE. If you have any questions about the results, let us know!