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CB&A Goes Back to School, Too!

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CB&A is an education pr agency.

Despite temperatures still hovering right around “swelter”, the speed limit in school zones is back to an intensely monitored 20 M.P.H., while kids are sporting their new school outfits and cramming their desks with fresh notebooks, folders, and colored pencils.

It’s safe to say that the CB&A team is experiencing a little back-to-school envy, as we reminisced about younger years, and compared personal school favorites: Colored pencils or crayons? Glue stick or regular glue? The list could—and did—go on. In some ways, we’re all very similar (most of us loved language arts class; shocking, right?). In other ways, we couldn’t be further apart (see: The Hot Lunch Showdown). Below are some of the highlights from the CB&A team’s trip down memory lane—or is it the elementary hallway? Regardless, major points if you can identify who said what and which brave souls decided to submit their school photos; prizes to be determined. (Although, extended recess and pizza parties are a sure bet.)

How did you get to school?

Bus – 5
Walk – 3
Carpool – 1

What was your standard cold lunch?

Deli meat sandwich
PB&J (3)
PB—no J!
Only hot lunches, but favorite cold lunch is leftover pizza
Deli meat sandwich (specifically with a Kraft single and Miracle Whip)
Dinner leftovers
Cheese sandwich

What was your favorite subject?

Language arts – 5
Art – 2
Social Studies – 1
Geography – 1

What was your favorite hot lunch day?

Hot dogs
Chicken nuggets
Spaghettio’s with hot dogs
Pizza or tacos
Anything with mashed potatoes and gravy
Turkey and gravy
Beefy nachos
Chicken nuggets
Fish and chips

Favorite recess activity:

Four square
Playing Babysitter’s Club
Tag or kickball
Jump rope. Doubles, double-Dutch. You name it, I did it.
Pick-up basketball
Red Rover

Were you ever naughty in class and sent to the principal’s office? If so, why?

“I skipped out of the grade school science fair to play basketball on the playground with friends. That move landed me in the principal’s office.”

“No, I was teacher’s pet for the most part!”

“I got caught throwing snowballs during recess in the sixth grade. It wouldn’t have been too big of a deal, except my mom was the principal!”

“Once. It was in elementary school after a killer snowball fight during recess.”

“Never. In fact, I was the opposite—appointed a Student Safety Patrol!”

“Never. I was your quintessential goody two-shoes.”

“I was definitely a chatty child, which got me in trouble a few times, but I was never sent to the principal’s office. Teachers gave me a warning by writing my name on the chalkboard for talking out of turn.”

“I’m sure I got into trouble here and there, but I can’t recall ever being sent to the principal’s office.”

“I was pretty well behaved overall, but I did get sent to the office once for returning ‘eraser fire’ at someone who threw one at me.”