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CB&A and Blackboard Join Forces to Tackle Media Relations Efforts

By October 24, 2016July 14th, 2022No Comments

blackboardBlackboard, a supplier of learning management systems for education, is returning to the CB&A client family for assistance with upcoming media relations projects. CB&A looks forward to collaborating with Blackboard again to amplify their industry profile.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard developed a Learning Management System that is widely used by K-12 and higher education institutions. To supplement their renowned education technologies and interface system, they also offer analytics and communication services to support learning. In addition, they supply business and government organizations with communication and training tools for the workplace. The structure of their products and goal of their services is to support and enhance the way people learn. With a variety of products and services that fill the technology, communication and data analytics needs of several industries, Blackboard functions as a full service education technology provider.

How is Blackboard improving education?

Blackboard’s overarching goal is to make learning more desirable, accessible and meaningful for learners. The success of their products can be tracked through their analytics tools, which gauge learners’ strengths and assess where improvement is needed. At the administrative level, student and employee data can be housed and segmented to maintain an organized inventory that teachers and schools can easily track. By simplifying these systems and providing compatible products that are widely accessible, Blackboard enables its customer to meet their goals and measure their results.

Next Steps with CB&A

CB&A is working with Blackboard on media relations efforts related to the EDUCAUSE conference at the end of October. Leading up to the event, CB&A is organizing media meetings with journalists, and supplementing its efforts with social media guidance and content to increase brand awareness and spark engagement in the ed tech community.