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C. Blohm & Associates Welcomes Quick Key Mobile

By January 16, 2015October 13th, 2017No Comments

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C. Blohm & Associates welcomes Quick Key Mobile, a social impact company that empowers teachers to close the student achievement gap, to its expanding client family.

Founded by a veteran K-12 teacher and an entrepreneur, Quick Key is a smartphone application that turns a mobile device into a scanner to grade quizzes, tests and review surveys. The primary goal of the mobile app is to spend less time grading and more time paying attention to the needs of students.

Once the pages have been scanned, the application quickly turns the information into useful data for educators. Teachers have access and ability to track data, which can be applied to students’ learning and teachers’ lesson plans. The app has the ability to run data analytics on mobile phones, and teachers can easily upload data to an electronic grade book.

Bringing together teaching practices and student data, Quick Key is a simple yet powerful tool that helps teachers improve student achievement without teaching to the test.