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C. Blohm & Associates Welcomes ParentSquare

By February 10, 2015October 13th, 2017No Comments

ParentSquare2C. Blohm & Associates welcomes ParentSquare, a simple and secure communication platform designed to reach and engage every parent, to its expanding client family.

ParentSquare helps create a vibrant, collaborative learning community where families can engage in fostering their child’s learning in and out of the classroom. Taking the hassle out of old-fashioned communication, the technology provides news sharing, school and class directories, calendars, volunteer scheduling, wish lists, and other tools on an easy-to-use online platform. At the root of its design, ParentSquare is used to streamline communication between the child’s school and the parent to enhance academic achievement.

Designed for simple use, ParentSquare is for both tech-savvy and non-digital users. The technology can be customized to translate messages into any language, and information can reach users via automated email, text and app alerts, or printed messages. The application has the ability to track and measure metrics regarding parent reach and participation, so administrators can take well-informed steps to improve parental involvement and satisfy district, state and federal requirements.

By facilitating fluid school-home communication, ParentSquare helps all preK-12 students find success in school.