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C. Blohm & Associates Welcomes ABC-CLIO Solutions

By November 7, 2014March 4th, 2020No Comments


C. Blohm & Associates welcomes ABC-CLIO Solutions, an extensive online social studies, science and English language arts reference system, to its expanding client family.

Founded in 1976, ABC-CLIO became a pioneer in computer technology when it developed an online humanities database. In 2000, ABC-CLIO Solutions was launched to provide educational resources to librarians, patrons, educators and students while integrating flipped and blended learning with multimedia and digital content.

Geared towards middle and high school students, the database is designed to support students in achieving higher literacy rates and preparing them to be future problem solvers. Offering to help students make complex topics simpler and student success higher, the technology helps schools align with Common Core State Standards and improve test scores.

ABC-CLIO’s advanced technology offers an updated database with a reference library comprised of over 1 million primary sources. The technology provides support to foster students’ critical thinking skills and the ability to acknowledge different viewpoints. The technology is enhanced with video learning modules and interactive writing wizards to create active participants in the classroom. These efforts create a space for new ideas to flourish while allowing teachers to customize instruction to meet the learning needs of all students.