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Being Proactive Today Yields Positive Results Tomorrow

By June 17, 2009October 17th, 2017No Comments

In an earlier post titled, “Getting Ready for NECC,” it was noted that conferences are one of the few places for companies, customers and media to meet in person. In a venue where it’s possible to meet all of your key audiences at once, it’s important for companies to seize the opportunity to pitch new developments, not only to potential customers, but to the media as well. As your company matures and expands, it’s necessary to be proactive in identifying and reaching your target market(s) before the competition.

pastedgraphic2By using the opportunity to meet with potential customers and the media at once, you cut time and money from your budget by eliminating additional travel. And while interacting with potential customers on the conference floor is necessary, a venue free of conference distractions is preferable when reaching out to the media. Moving your meeting to a quiet, more personal atmosphere allows participants to focus on who they’re meeting with, and provides the opportunity for more detailed product demonstrations. By taking the initiative to meet with writers and editors one-on-one, your company increases its chances for editorial coverage and additional exposure to its key customers.

If your company doesn’t have enough time or resources to reach out to the media while attending a conference or similar event, consider booking a virtual meeting using an online conference tool such as Skype. Although it may not be in person, you’re still getting important face-to-face time to pitch exclusive news to a publication and establish key connections for future editorial opportunities.

Being proactive should be top-of-mind for any company looking to build its business, whether your company is just beginning or gradually expanding. Taking the initiative to reach out to media in addition to your customers will not only help your company maximize its business potential, but give it a more competitive edge.

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