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Showcasing Product-Specific Successes – Case Study

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CB&A is an education pr agency.

The Situation: Our client, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of school audiovisual equipment, was looking to bolster its product catalog to better showcase how the items improve students’ lives.

The Results: CB&A worked closely with the client to identify 10 opportunities to interview customers and develop case studies to feature alongside every product section in the client’s catalog. The studies provided success stories from numerous educators throughout the country.

Features Versus Benefit-Oriented Descriptions

Already possessing a product catalog that highlighted the company’s numerous offerings to the education market, our client sought to improve the document by showcasing the beneficial applications of its products in students’ lives.

As a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of school audiovisual equipment, our client provides products that are highly effective within educational settings, and have features specific to classroom learning.

While previous editions of the catalog offered product descriptions and usage statistics, our client sought to include more vivid assessments of its products’ many educational applications and benefits.

Focusing on the Customers

To meet this demand, CB&A developed customer case studies to illustrate successful product implementations in classrooms across the curriculum. CB&A interviewed numerous client customers, garnering stories of their experience with the products.

Customers were asked to name their reasons for choosing the product, to cite a specific example of how it was used, and to explain its benefits in a classroom lesson.

Campaign Visibility

In all, 10 interviews were conducted as our firm produced one long and one short form version of each case study to provide examples of product-specific successes from numerous educators around the country.

The content marketing strategy successfully cultivated relationships with current and prospective customers for retention and recruitment purposes. The improved catalog also added value to the company by highlighting the “real-world” benefits and utility of its products.

Besides enhancing the catalog, the case studies formed the basis of a library of positive customer stories that were drawn upon to inform media and potential customers, and augmented other positive experiences captured and recorded throughout the year.