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Archdiocese of New York – Case Study

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The Situation: When our client’s product, a cloud-based learning and teaching solution, was implemented in four Catholic schools in New York, CB&A leveraged the opportunity to develop a strategy to achieve nationwide recognition.

The Results: The successful strategy enhanced visibility, garnered extensive media coverage, and positioned the client as a premier online teaching and learning solution for one-to-one computing classrooms.

Targeting Select Media

When four Catholic schools in New York introduced the digital teaching platform into their fourth and fifth grade math classrooms, CB&A worked with the client to create a campaign that would build brand recognition and achieve media coverage. By developing targeted pitches to select media in New York, CB&A successfully landed positive news coverage featuring the client on the Bronx12 TV station.

The Bronx12 news segment featured students using the platform in the classroom. After the segment aired, the video was distributed across a wide variety of social media channels, leading to increased viewership and heightened brand awareness.

Campaign Visibility

Some campaign outcomes:

  • The campaign strategy garnered approximately 33 media mentions with a combined outreach of more than 6.7 million impressions.
  • The Bronx12 news segment was redistributed on the client’s website, through social media channels and on the CB&A website.
  • The news coverage led to increased awareness of the client, and highlighted the platform’s growth and success within New York School districts.
  • CB&A secured video footage, photos and written testimonials, which have been used to create a variety of communication assets to boost the client’s overall visibility.
  • Secured coverage in publications and media outlets such as:


  • Thanks to the extensive coverage in the education trade media and consumer media in New York, our client was positioned as a premier online teaching and learning solution for one-to-one computing classrooms.