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Celebrating 10-Year Anniversary – Case Study

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The Situation: With the 10-year anniversary of our client, the nation’s largest E-rate compliance firm, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the E-rate program, CB&A organized an event for media and industry leaders to celebrate the milestone at the world’s premier educational technology conference.

The Results: Through excellent event planning and creation of a 10-page white paper, CB&A successfully highlighted the company’s history and achievements among key customers, service providers and media outlets in attendance.

Creating the Visibility Opportunity

Seizing the opportunity presented by the dual anniversary, CB&A organized an event designed to celebrate the company’s successes over the past 10 years.

The client specializes in guiding E-rate applicants and service providers through the complex and ever-changing E-rate regulatory process to secure technology funding. The E-rate program provides discounts on services and products that are essential to classrooms and libraries to receive voice, video and data communications.

Finding the Right Opportunity

To highlight the anniversary, CB&A organized an event at the world’s premier educational technology conference hosted by the International Society for Technology in Education, which draws nearly 18,000 educators and corporate representatives, as well as education media contacts, from around the world.

Pairing the special event with one of the industry’s largest conferences allowed the client the opportunity to invite top-tier customers and key members of the education trade media, while including the E-rate service provider audience.

CB&A Holds the Key

CB&A provided turnkey special events planning services, including designing and distributing invitations, coordinating catering, signage and event favors, as well as managing all other event logistics. CB&A also outlined a program for the reception, which included a welcome speech from the company’s president and an awards ceremony to showcase a successful, long-term district relationship.

During the event, the client announced the release of a 10-page white paper developed by CB&A, which positioned our client as the preeminent authority on the E-rate program. The white paper provided a short history of the founding mission and objectives of the E-rate program, a brief review of the last 10 years and future expectations for the program.

Campaign Visibility

More than 200 guests attended the anniversary event, including key stakeholders from the education industry, members of the education trade media, as well as key customers and service providers.
Celebrating the company’s anniversary coupled with the E-rate program milestone raised the client’s visibility in the industry, plus generated goodwill among customers and service providers.

Releasing the E-rate white paper provided content to inform coverage of the event by education technology outlets such as Tech & Learning, eSchool News and THE Journal, a bylined article opportunity in EdTech Magazine, as well as placement in the U.S. Department of Education’s newsletter Ed Review.